Re-Significations: The Black Mediterranean / Zisa Zona Arti Contemporanee (ZAC)  

Manifesta European Contemporary Art Biennial 12 / City of Palermo, Sicily
6 June 2018 — 30 September 2018


Re-Significations exhibition will continue onto Palermo, Italy for the 12th edition of the Manifesta European Contemporary Art Biennial, as a continuation of the Re-Significations exhibit that was launched and exhibited at 3 different venues in Florence, Italy in 2015. The exhibition offered a revision and re-engagement with the history and historicity of representations of black bodies as subjects of art by inviting contemporary artists from Africa, Europe and the Americas to translate and re-stage a collection of sculptures and paintings depicting ornamental black bodies associated with decorative art known to us as “Blackamoors.” Embedded within centuries-old discourses, cross-cultural encounters, and artistic productions shaped by migration, conquest, servitude, and exile, these objects presented a rich opportunity with which we deconstructed, compared, and contextualized myriad portrayals of the black body in western societies from multidisciplinary angles. 


 Re-Significations: The Black Mediterranean extends the curatorial narrative by staging works in which African and African Diasporic conventions of art making inscribe such histories and subjectivities through their subjects and styles. Like its sister exhibition, Re-Significations will display the innovative ways with which artists translate, extend and project traditions of making art to inscribe black subjects and contexts in world history. From geometrical to painterly and sculptural, musical and photographic traditions and their re-inventions, the exhibition illustrates how the dialogical display across time and space reflect visual and performing arts and how they produce archives, texts and artistic methods of the black world. 


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A Haven. A Hell. A dream Deferred. / Solo Exhibition

 New Orleans Museum Of Art / New Orleans, LA

5 October 2018 — 6 January 2019


Lina Iris Viktor is widely recognized for her exploration of art's connection to history, spirituality and prophecy. Recasting factual and fantastical narratives surrounding America’s involvement in the founding of Liberia, Lina Iris Viktor: A Haven. A Hell. A Dream Deferred. explores a mythicized history of the West African nation. Established as an act of American ‘altruism’ following the abolition of slavery, the Republic of Liberia appears as an uneasy utopia, both a paradise lost and a cautionary tale on the pathology of colonization. Central to Viktor’s gilded portraits is the mercurial figure of the Libyan Sibyll; from the Latin ‘sibylla’ meaning ‘prophetess,’ she is an ancient figure of fate and foresight, later invoked by eighteenth-century abolitionists as the predictor of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Across the series, Viktor’s soothsayer navigates an evocative landscape which references modern and traditional West African textile culture, contemporary African portrait photography, and the national iconography of both Liberia and the United States. In resurrecting a long forgotten history collective to Liberia and the antebellum United States, A Haven. A Hell. A Dream Deferred. embodies the artist’s enduring interest in transforming perceived absences into sources of light... and life.


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Solo Exhibition / Autograph ABP/ London, United Kingdom

6 September 2019 — 7 December 2019


details to be announced — Autograph ABP.