Presently Absent (working title)

Since December 2015


Absence. The Highest Form of Presence.

Viktor will be staging a remote, live performance work in the Spring of 2016. The performance is an intervention. It is a reaction. It is born of a need to shift the way the art world views artists, art, and the fairs within which art is commodified and spiritually devalued. Many art fairs, ever increasing in number and size are turning artworks into objects of singularly monetary value, rather than as intended by the artist - a viewpoint which can uplift, transport, inform, or make spiritual the mundane. 

The performance is at once a critique and a prayer for improvement. Timed to take place during Frieze New York, the live performance will stress the absent and unobtainable nature of the work from the final location where it will be remotely exhibited. By way of the steaming transmission, the work will remain present as an aura - a view into an ephemeral world that one is unable to grasp and touch - an alternative way of creating and consuming art across time & space. It is a personal declaration, a critical commentary and an invitation for the consumer driven art world to transcend and elevate beyond the obvious - to be reborn.