LV1 : form me in your image so i too reflect the stars

Since 2015


Viktor is currently working on a self-published, large format art book of new and existing works to be released through her atelier in 2016. She has chosen to self-publish to insure complete creative control of her vision, and to allow her audience to gain an authentic view into her world, psyche, and evolution as an artist. 

The book is comprised of 11 chapters - each its own discrete tome that features a gilded print, self portraits, and short poetic excerpts that speak to the subject matter. Each book is a standalone art piece that fits seamlessly into the whole. Viktor is creating a body of work for this project that is evocative, supremely personal, and existentialist. It marks a break from her previous work - it is more subtle, speaks in quieter tones, echoes in the halls of the past while imagining possible futures.