The Dark Continent XIII - XIV

                                                                     THE FALL



     No. XIII **

     Pause... Pause For a paradise lost

     then found. 




     No. XIV *

     the new Old world within reach.





     No. XV **

     We Utter Histories of Everything you were Never Told. 





No. XVI **

Counter memories of the healer.



No. XVII*     

The exaltations before time.

She . . .     




No. XVIII **     

Amidst the Wolves of Empire . . . Lying     

Down with the Lambs of God.     




No. XIX **

Came the devil so Shrewd in all his ways.



No. XX *     

A Prophecy. And the scramble began . . .      



      No. XXI **

     Stolen Season. Black World.




No. XXII *

For if they take you in The morning,

we'll be coming for you at night.






     No. XXIII *

     The wheel turns between The great

     ages. This Mere moment . . . 






No. XXIV **

the massacre of the innocents.






* acrylic, ink, print on cotton rag paper

** pure 24-karat gold, acrylic, ink, print on cotton rag paper

all works: 8.5 x 10.2 in. / 21.6 x 25.9 cm | 2017