The Dark Continent XXV - XXXVI

                                                                     THE WAKE



     No. XXV **

     We once sought refuge there.  




     No. XXVI **

     Refuge from the aftermath . . . A Reckoning to come.





     No. XXVII **

     On that fateful day — as one we would Rise. 






Rise up from the Silence of a Thousand Years . . . 



No. XXIX **     

The thick, forced quietude that wouldn’t let us breathe . . . 




No. XXX **     

And so on for Ages, ions, Tens of Thousands of Remeberings

or so it felt.     




No. XXXI **

Buckled beneath the weight of Glory’s Judgement. We ate in the Sin. 



No. XXXII **     

Enamored with the Circularity of Time . . .       



      No. XXXIII **

    It is our Birth Rite to be great. To be Great — a burden. 




No. XXXIV **

Yet, we recall when you would Call me by my Name. 






     No. XXXV **

     In the Spent Light of a day Long Past

— you dare utter it. 






No. XXXVI **

Now back at the Beginning . . .

I beckon you for the Long Journey into Night.






** pure 24-karat gold, acrylic, ink, print on cotton rag paper

all works: 8.5 x 10.2 in. / 21.6 x 25.9 cm | 2019