The Dark Continent XXXVII - XLVIII




Paradiso Perduto. Paradiso Trovato. 





      No. XXXVIII **

      Fear not the Dark. It’s heavy Black Mass envelops you.



XXXIX **          

You are in the Womb of Time,

when so cradled. 



      No. XL **      

We, the Night — the Giver of all Presences.




      No. XLI **

For that long, brief violent time . . .

we Gods had hidden from ourselves.



No. XLII **

Dark Matter enveloped us in temporal entropy. . .



   No. XLIII **

   In suspension we built a World in my image

— a cornerstone. 







     No. XLIV **

     From this Black Iris came a Black Monolith. 




No. XLV **

 A Black World. Black & Sacrosanct.





No. XLVI **     

Black Temple for all Seasons. 






   No. XLVII **     

     Evident now, to you,

for We are coming back into ourselves.





Yet, None will dwell here but We. 





** pure 24-karat gold, acrylic, ink, print on cotton rag paper

all works: 8.5 x 10.2 in. / 21.6 x 25.9 cm | 2019